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iPad Screen Replacement  in New York

iPad cracked glass
iPad cracked glass repair

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If you rely on your tablet, rely on us to fix  it.

iPad Help


Biz Wiz Tech in New York is a professional tech repair shop with many of satisfied customers . Our trained technicians are experts on a huge variety of iPad repair services- whether they're working with an original iPad, the newest Air, or anything in between. At Biz Wiz Tech, our "while-you-wait" diagnostic services are always free, and repairs only typically take an hour or two. No matter what kind of iPad issue you’re dealing with, our repair pros are here for you! We offer a wide range of services, sure to meet all your tech needs.

iPad Screen Help

Spider webbed screens are, unfortunately, an iPad issue we see often. Usually, a broken screen is the result of a tablet taking a bad fall that shatters the screen. There's only so much a screen protector can do to protect the fragile surface that makes up your touchscreen; and although a shattered screen sometimes still functions, it’s annoying to work with a cracked screen-- and using a splintered screen is hazardous to your health. Getting your screen fixed can be easy, and it helps keep your device from further issues that can't be fixed, even by an expert. At Biz Wiz Tech, a cracked iPad screen is a piece of cake. Our technicians have perfected the screen replacement art in order to provide a swift and efficient fix you can rely on. Bring your shattered iPad to Biz Wiz Tech today, and we'll have you back to enjoying all the features your tech has to offer again before you know it.

iPad Battery Help

If you've owned your tablet for a while, chances are your iPad's battery life just isn't what it used to be. You might find your device dies more quickly than it used to, or your device might stop charging altogether. When this happens, it's likely that you need a new battery. At Biz Wiz Tech, we have access to parts directly from Apple, and ALL of our replacement components are made to strict OEM specs to guarantee the longevity of our fixes. The iPad battery is no different; so if you’re having battery problems, bring your iPad to Biz Wiz Tech for a swift repair from a trustworthy tech.

iPad Display Help

The advanced display on an iPad is perfect for all sorts of photography and digital art. If you're dealing with a broken tablet display, or one that's simply not working, our experts can assist. We care for every iPad make and model, so it doesn't matter if you need a iPad Pro 2 repair or a Mini lens fixed. Come by Biz Wiz Tech today, and you'll be able to enjoy a fresh view on your freshly fixed iPad screen again before you know it. Need a screen replaced? We can handle that. Want to get the whole thing replaced instead? Gotcha.

We Can Fix It

Whether your iPad is is a Mini or a first-gen, the repair techs at Biz Wiz Tech are passionate about providing exceptional repair services for your device. We’ve repaired too many iPads to count nationwide, and we use that experience to help us accommodate every model’s specific nuances and needs. From the original iPad to the very latest model, trust Biz Wiz Tech for all your Apple repair needs.

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837 Intervale Ave

Bronx, NY 10460

Tel: 917-535-7456

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OEM parts offered on most tablet repairs.

Most repairs done in 1 Hour or less.

All repairs backed by 60 Day  Warranty.

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