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Computer Repair In Bronx NY

computer repair

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Computer Repair
Computer Repair

Computer Repair Tech Shop Near Me in The Bronx, NY

Come to Biz Wiz Tech for all of your Computer repair needs! From Acer to the Z-Series, our experienced engineers will provide you comprehensive tech services, replacement and optimization services no matter your computer brand. Affordable service to the greater New York area for over 8 years. We offer free estimates – Not everything makes sense to get fixed and we know that! Bring your computer in for a free estimate and we’ll give you the price to help you make an informed decision.Worried your computer caught a virus? Hate trying to see through a cracked laptop screen? Biz Wiz Tech in The Bronx can fix anything with a button!

We Work With Apple, Dell, HP Computers & More in The Bronx, NY

Your computer holds everything — from old home videos and pictures to work documents and private info. When picking Computer services near me in The Bronx, you want a place that will do the job fast but professionally, and keep the cost within your budget. And you get all of that and more when you trust Biz Wiz Tech in The Bronx, NY to solve your biggest computer repair problem.Can we fix your specific computer type and brand? If it has a power button, we can fix it. Biz Wiz Tech in New York has 8+ years of experience diagnosing and repairing a variety of laptop and desktop brands. From ASUS laptop battery replacement and MacBook refurbishing to charging port clean-ups and more, our experienced technicians are ready to promptly get your PC or laptop back in working order.

Superior customer service – We know you’re looking for a computer repair shop that will not only fix your computer, but also provide a high level of customer service.

We provide Desktop Computer repair NYC for all brands. We also perform software installation and full data recovery. Services such as Geek Squad and Staples are not dedicated to component level repair like us. They overcharge with the intent of making you seek a replacement or a new computer altogether, because they don’t know how to solder a hard drive.

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