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How to Troubleshoot Hard Drive Errors

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It may be hard to believe, but a completely dead hard drive may be the best option for a hard drive failure. When your drive is dead, it could be a problem with the computer power supply or the cables, or the drive itself could have just stopped. Either way, the drive is no longer accessing its platters and writing over or corrupting your data.

Pay Attention to the Sounds the Drive is Making

If the drive makes clicking and grinding noises when it starts up, then shut your computer down immediately and contact one of our certified technicians to have your data preserved. Those clicking and grinding noises indicate damage to the read/write heads of your drive, and that is a mechanical issue that an expert should fix.

If you turn your computer on and it makes a series of beeps, then turn it off and give us a call. The key to understanding how to recover data from a hard drive is understanding how to preserve what data you have.

Turn Off Your Computer

The operating system on your computer is constantly scanning, accessing, and writing data to your hard drive. When your hard drive starts to fail, your operating system could wind up interpreting bad sectors as blank sectors and start writing to them. That means that your drive will sustain more damage and you will lose more data by the second.

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Don’t Ever Open Your Drive

As certified hard drive technicians, we know how complicated these little devices are. We understand the platters, the read/write heads, and the circuit boards. That is why we are telling you that opening your hard drive to try and retrieve your data is a bad idea. There are many different moving parts in your hard drive that you could damage, and you may lose all of your data for good.

Your best approach is to give us a call and we will quote you a price on retrieving that data for you. Even if the platters in your drive are damaged, we can still recover your data for you. If all of the safe options have been exercised, then we strongly suggest that you call in the experts and let us retrieve your data for you.Hashtag your posts

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