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Data access plus unlimited talk & text to and from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.**

Cricket unlimited plans include roaming data access plus unlimited calls and texts to and from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. You can use your Cricket phone while traveling in Mexico and Canada.

  • Includes text, picture, and video messages (SMS & MMS).
  • If you are not on an unlimited plan, data speeds reduced when you use up your plan's high-speed allowance.
  • Calls, texts, or data usage while in Canada cannot exceed 50% of the total usage.
  • If you use data services on wireless carrier networks other than AT&T Mexico, your data usage may be reduced to 2G speeds.
  • Coverage in Mexico is provided by iUSACell (AT&T Mexico) and Telcel.
  • Coverage in Canada is provided by Rogers Wireless, TELUS, and Bell Mobility.


**Calls and messages from the U.S. to the Northern Territories of Canada not included.

Cricket Pre Paid Plan $60 Unlimited Text,Text & Data

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